New Year, New Post

Crazy Busy Dr. Tobin!

Yeah, well, it’s been a long 3 years, but I have a new website platform now and I’m feeling all shiny and new.

As always, I have more work than I can handle. My go-to phrase for that is, “But that’s a good thing for a freelancer, so I’m not complaining.” I realize now that I say that more as an internal rallying cry than as a fact, “I’m not complaining…right? Guys, right? It’s good to be this busy, amiright?”

In any case, The Tobin Touch is still going strong, much to my amazement (that pesky Impostor Syndrome just won’t quit). I found a fantastic accountant who scolded me about not being incorporated. So I did that. And I was invited to teach a few classes on scientific communication and grantwriting at Northwestern for their new Masters in Reproductive Science and Medicine program. And I won an award from the Society of Research Administration International for a paper I wrote with my colleague Holly Falk-Krezsinski, on how to figure out what granting agencies are looking for in a research grant proposal. And that’s just the work side. I am also a Cub Scout den mother, Girl Scout Brownie leader, and a PTA committee chair. So I’ve been busy, for sure, but that’s a good thing, right? Guys?

Despite the avalanche of things to do, I am somehow determined to add yet another: write at least one post a month this year. If I can find time to balance my checkbook, then surely I can find time to write a blog post! So I have a few ideas for 2017 – the evolution of my business (the curse of trying to do everything myself vs. hiring subcontractors), challenging myself vs. playing to my strengths, the effect that a writing and editing career has on one’s health, moving beyond writing and editing, thoughts on hourly vs. project-based pricing, and separating work from home when you work from home. See, that’s 6 months’ worth, right there.

So stay tuned – I promise I won’t wait another 3 years to post!

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